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MAJ / Updated : 2012/03/09


New Driver for USB Dongle
(ROTORINSA 3.x to 4.0.4) :
Compatible with all
Microsoft Windows plateform
(32 & 64b)

ROTORINSA® is a finite element software devoted to the prediction of the steady-state dynamic behavior of rotors in bending.

Main Characteristics

of rotor
Effects - Characteristics Degres of Freedom (dof)
Shafts The effects considered are:
  • Shear effect
  • Axial force
  • Section inertia
  • Gyroscopic effect
  • Magnetic attraction
Elements of beam in bending
2 nodes with 4 dof
Disks The effects considered are:
  • Inertia
  • Gyroscopic effect
1 node with 4 dof per node
Bearings Characteristics of:
  • stiffness
  • damping
variable with the speed of rotation
1 or 2 nodes with 2 dof in displacement per node
Specific elements Defined by the matrices:
  • mass
  • stiffness
  • gyroscopic
  • damping
1 or 2 nodes with 4 dof in displacement per node

Capabilities Graphic displays
- Static deflection (gravitational and concentrated forces)
- Frequencies and mode shapes, damping factors, instabilities
- Mass unbalance response
- Asynchronous force response
- Harmonic force fixed in space response
- Maximum stresses, maximum loads on bearings
- Energy in elements
- Rotor geometry
- Finite element model
- Modes of the modal basis
- Campbell diagram
- Modes in rotation
- Deflection due to mass unbalance, asynchronous force, harmonic force
- Response to Mass unbalance, Asynchronous forces, harmonic forces
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